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  • Enterprise Spirit

    Enterprise Spirit

    Confidence, Diligently; Integrity, Innovation

  • Product Features

    Product Features

    The company mainly engaged in various brands of crusher parts and excavator parts, jaw crusher parts, cone crusher parts etc.

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    Quality Assurance

    Focus on customers; continuous improvement; mutually beneficial relationship with customers

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    Serving customers, developing enterprises, benefiting employees and repaying society.

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  • Removal of swing and fixed jaw plate of C140 jaw crusher

    Its C series jaw crusher is quarrying, mining, gravel pit, and even recycling such ideal ground fixed crushing equipment. They are easy to install, powerful performance, high productivity, and can be applied to existing equipment renewal or new crushing crushing station. Because of its C series j...

  • The method of reducing the noise of ball mill

    1. Correctly install the gear The collision of the gears of the transmission system will make noise, so during the installation of the ball mill, special attention should be paid to the installation of the gears, and the coincidence, gap and modulus of the gears should be controlled within a rea...

  • Reasons for high ball consumption of ball mill

    If the ball consumption of the ball mill is too high, the reason should be found and solved in time, so as to save the cost of steel consumption and improve the grinding efficiency. The reasons for the high steel consumption are: 1) Steel ball quality The quality of the steel ball is closely rela...

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