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    Enterprise Spirit

    Confidence, Diligently; Integrity, Innovation

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    Product Features

    The company mainly engaged in various brands of crusher parts and excavator parts, jaw crusher parts, cone crusher parts etc.

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    Quality Assurance

    Focus on customers; continuous improvement; mutually beneficial relationship with customers

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    Serving customers, developing enterprises, benefiting employees and repaying society.

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  • How to reduce the Wear of Roller Crusher

    The main factors that affect the wear of roller skin include the hardness and particle size of the broken material, the material of the roller skin, the size and surface shape of the roller, the way of ore feeding, and so on. In response to these factors, the correct approach is to: (1) the mate...

  • Advantages of Sand making with Roller Crusher

    According to the working principle of twin roll crusher: wedge or gasket adjusting device is arranged between the two rollers, the top wedge device with adjusting bolt, the adjusting bolt when the wedge pulled up when the wedge will roll from the top fixed round of activities, namely two rollwhee...

  • Advantage of TRIO jaw Crusher CT Series products

    The jaw crusher requires very high wear resistance, and the material is generally made of high wear resistant manganese steel lining plate. When the High wear resistant manganese steel lining plate, inside its crushing chamber two jaw plates (manganese steel), a jaw plate is fixed (also called a ...

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